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Sama Eyewear Trends


Last updated: Friday, October 09, 2015 5:01 PM


From LA to the Middle East


Mariam Nihal
Saudi Gazette


Sama Eyewear was undeniably created to introduce a new aspect of luxury to fashionable eyewear but also a means for funding a non-profit organization. Sheila Vance, the CEO/Founder of Sama Eyewear, spoke to Saudi Gazette in an exclusive interview.

“Sama Eyewear was founded in my son’s memory and whose mission is to prevent drug use amongst teens and young adults, and to help young addicts get on the road to recovery.”

Sama Eyewear donates a portion of its annual net profits to the Sam Vance Foundation.

Vance was determined to create a business culture that would seamlessly integrate her personal and professional life. “I began my journey by naming the Company Sama, an ancient term meaning ‘no beginning and no end’ that personifies my underlying philosophy of life and set the tone for everything that followed.  We premiered in Paris, 1998,” she told us. The current Sama collection is about 50% prescription eyewear and the rest is dedicated to Sunglasses.  Vance explained that 30% of the collection is designed specifically for men. “We are the only true luxury and couture eyewear collection.  Because of this we don’t feel we have much competition, we customize almost everything we do, it’s very difficult to compete with that,” she said.

With the corporate headquarters based in Los Angeles, she has offices in Amsterdam, London, Tokyo and Dubai. 

“We are very fortunate that the GCC region appreciates luxury.  The response to our collections has been great, however we are not new to the region.  We have been in the GCC for almost 25 years, so really we are just introducing our new brands to the region,” Vance added.

She believes the current Sama collection is arguably the best it has been since the inception of the company.  It goes beyond the concept of a wardrobe collection.  “The range is very diverse and captures styles for your everyday wear to your most fashionable events, and everything in between.  The materials, technology and colour range is all about fashion, function and creating and enhancing a look for each individual,” Vance said. She described the range as delicate, feminine and romantic.  However the deCode: Los Angeles collection is more masculine, aggressive and more prominent in design.  Loree Rodkin Eye Couture is more trend setting and fashion forward.

So which are her favorite trends? “Round is trending towards oval.   However, my favourite trend is seeing eyewear shifting back to metal.  Our metals are meticulous in its design, using titanium with beautiful filigree workmanship and modern enamel detailing,” she said.

By the end of 2016 the brand will be introducing four new collections under the Sama umbrella.  “We will have one focusing on the teen market, one will be collaboration with a famous clothing designer; more of a capsule collection, another will be focused more on the music scene and influenced by pop culture, and lastly we will have a sports collection.  My inspiration has been very fulfilling for designing new eyewear.”


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